Wine Caves

Add a sense of mystery with an underground destination.

Our wine cave clients have a deep sense of adventure. Often times, they are intrigued by the idea of creating a space that piques visitor’s curiosity. Working through the process of unearthing what is behind the dark twists and turns of an underground space can be simply exciting. If you want to provide a unique winery experience, a wine cave is the Indiana Jones of wine adventures.

Justin Winery, Wine Cave, Nordby
Justin Winery, Wine Cave

Work with us! You’ll find we have an exceptional combination of experienced crew, a desire to preserve our natural landscape, an impressive project portfolio, and a passion of underground adventures.

An Experienced Crew. Since our inception in 1996, Nordby Wine Caves has completed more than 40 cave projects. Cave construction is a specialized trade. We are proud of the rich project resume we’ve built successfully and safely, together.

A Desire to Preserve Our Natural Landscape. Many of those concerned with the environment view caves as having a “low-impact” with a “high reward” for wine-growing communities. Nordby Wine Caves loves the fact that we have negative impact on the area’s natural beauty. The wine cave has an invisible presence and grapes can be planted above ground.

An Impressive Portfolio. As one of the original serious cave contractors in the area, we are proud of our wine cave portfolio. In our body of work, you will find a range of wine caves housing both functional and entertainment activities.

A Passion of Underground Adventures. Each underground space offers up a unique experience for our wine cave team. Unearthing the unique geology is almost exciting as finding out what is just beyond a dark corner!

Wine auctions, marketing events, and philanthropic benefits are just some examples of how owners often maximize the wine cave experience. Wines can be featured in a romantic tasting setting among the barrels, an intimate musical performance, or a lavish banquet in a candle-lit dining room. Wine caves can become a signature extension of your destination and offer up a competitive advantage.